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Open Repositories 2023: Trip report

Towards a Generic Research Data Commons: A highly scalable standard-based repository framework for Language and other Humanities data

Introducing the Oni Repository Stack

Packaging data with detailed metadata using RO-Crate in FAIR open repositories

Designing a metadata ecosystem for language research based on Research Object Crate (RO-Crate)

A CARE and FAIR-ready distributed access control system for human-created data using the Australian Access Federation and beyond

HASS RDC Technical Advisory Group Meeting LDaCA & ATAP Intro

Infrastructure for Multilingual Text Analysis

Towards a (technical architecture for a) HASS Research Data Commons for language and text analysis

FIIR Data Management; Findable Inaccessible Interoperable and Reusable?

Arkisto: a repository based platform for managing all kinds of research data

Research Object Crate (RO-Crate) Update

Infrastructure and what do we really want for DMPs

What did you do in the lockdowns PT? Part 1 - Music Videos

FAIR Data Management; It's a lifestyle not a lifecycle

Research Data Management looking outward from IT


An open, composable standards–based research eResearch platform: Arkisto

You won't believe this shocking semantic web trick I use to avoid publishing my own ontologies! Will I end up going to hell for this?

eResearch Australasia 2019 trip report

FAIR Simple Scalable Static Research Data Repository

Meet RO-Crate

DataCrate - a progress report on packaging research data for distribution via your repository

Implementation of a Research Data Repository using the Oxford Common File Layout standard at the University of Technology Sydney

Trip Report - Open Repositories 2019 - Peter Sefton

DataCrate: a method of packaging, distributing, displaying and archiving Research Objects

Trip Report (with bonus opinions) - Open Repositories 2018, Bozeman Montana, USA

Open Repositories 2018 Presentation: ReDBox 2.0 / Provisioner

End-to-End Research Data Management for the Responsible Conduct of Research at the University of Technology Sydney

DataCrate - a progress report on creating a data packaging format for research data

How to save a PowerPoint or Impress presentation as a PDF with slide notes from the command line using the descendants of StarOffice; OpenOffice, LibreOffice, soffice

DataCrate Formalising ways of packaging research data for re-use and dissemination

Principles for eResearch Systems Development and Selection

Announcing my engagement (how to track who you're talking to)

Pick, Pack, Publish: Cr8it and Of The Web

Open Repositories 2016: Demo: A repository before breakfast

Scratching an itch: my software for formating song-sheets into, *gasp* PDF!

Supporting ProseMirror inline HTML editor

Opal Mining for fun and profit, or how to travel to the CBD all week in Sydney for $27.60 even if you live a long way out

Trip report: open repositories 2015, Indy

This site is going to change! Again!

Ozmeka: extending the Omeka repository to make linked-data research data collections for (any and) all research disciplines

Implementing ORCID and other linked-data metadata in repositories

A quick open letter to eResearch@UTS

Letter of resignation

Digital Object Pattern (DOP) vs chucking files in a database, approaches to repository design

Trip report: Peter Sefton @ Open Repositories 2014, Helsinki, Finland

We are not dinosaurs

Elitist geeks considered hurtful (sic)

Notes on ownCloud robustness

Introducing next year's model, the data-crate; applied standards for data-set packaging

Questions for the Australian (library) Repository Community

Round table on vocabularies for describing research data: where's my semantic web?

Trip report: Open Repositories 2013

Another student project – crossing the curation boundary

HTML Slide presentations, students to the rescue

4A Data Management: Acquiring, Acting-on, Archiving and Advertising data at the University of Western Sydney

Research Data @ the University of Western Sydney (Introducing a data deposit management plan to the research community at UWS)

Running an Open Source project from a university dev team

Repositories! (What are they good for?)

Putting data on the web

CAIRSS – CAUL Australasian Institutional Repository Support Service

New Avatars of the Book in Digital Culture

Receding Repository Software?

Culture and climate

Tip: Arrange dock icons by shape, colour to reduce seek-time

NeCTAR Über Dojo, Reproducible Research (UWS eResearch team in Cloud Land II)

Sliding towards declarative Scholarly HTML

Virtual Infrastructure and Research Support: Fostering collaboration across institutions

Open Repositories Developer Challenge. DRAFT manifesto v0.1

How to write and format a technical procedure

Reading in the new Word? Really?

Think local, act global: Institutional Data Repositories being built in Australia with lessons learned from Institutional Publications Repositories

The tyranny of the file?

Research Data Australia down to Earth

File wrangling for researchers / Feral-data capture

Did you say you own this data? You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

An Australian Research Data Repository


Draft eResearch diagram/map

WordDown: Word to HTML5 conversion tool

Scholarly HTML5: experimenting on myself with microdata and vocabs

Template design issues for word processors and (possible future) EPUB export

The repository is watching: automated harvesting from replicated filesystems

The end of files might be inconvenient for scholarship

Real life scenarios for creating and disseminating linked-data publications


Making EPUB from WordPress (and other) web collections

Anthologize: a WordPress based collection tool

WordPress [and the jiscPUB project]

How to add EPUB support to EPrints

Scholarly HTML website up at

Introducing Epub2Html - adding a plain HTML view to an EPUB

Some questions about EPUB, WordPress, tools

Metadata in word processing monographs

EPub for word processing users


Scholarly HTML: Fraglets of progress

Scholarly HTML: new approaches to authoring Scientific Papers

Beyond the PDF: Some ideas for document formats and authoring tools

Hacking towards Scholarly HTML

Another look at desktop repositories

Beyond the PDF workshop trip report

Beyond the PDF proposed session : Bring the web to the researcher : Mainly on authoring tools

Before Beyond the PDF: Authoring tools for document semantics

Towards Beyond The PDF - a summary of work we've been doing

Like a version? No thanks, I'll have a revision.

I'm not going fundamentalist on you, but let's look at the fundamentals of Open Courseware licensing

EPub as a way of packaging scholarly resources?

My fave two reasons not to release OpenCourseware

ICE to DocBook? Yes, but I wouldn't bother.

The next wave in scholarly word processors?

Open Repositories 2010 - Learning and Culture

AWE - Presentation for Open Repositories 2010

Names (but not IDs) for Name Authority Services

What should we call this name-authority, vocabulary-server, linked-data URI factory service we are building for ANDS?

Cheap laugh #1. Suggest opening up courseware just a little.

ICE and word processor / HTML interop, the ugly, uglier, ugliest

ICE and word processor / HTML interop, the ugly, uglier, ugliest

Repositories post 2010: embracing heterogeneity in AWE, the Academic Working Environment

Making things happen to the book

My obsession with WordPress

Publishers, Authors, what's stopping you all from just using HTML branding

Back to the wordprocessor

More details on a metdata store for data in/alongside VITAL

ANDS metadata stores: Describing metadata collections in VITAL

ANDS Metadata Stores: Integrating VITAL with the NLA's Party Infrastructure Project

ANDS Metadata store: starting point

New Project: Metadata for data collections

Bye Bye Word 2007 Custom XML ?

DRFIC, Tokyo

ICE Week, background

Promising developments in the Australian Access Federation

Showing off presentation-to-html-to-blog using The Fascinator

Wave as a scholarly document editor: not promising at this stage

Boundaryless eResearch: Use Linked Open Data

Second post powered by The Fascinator, with pictures

First Post!

A bit more on Wave as a Scholarly HTML editor

Some thoughts for our BoF session on boundaryless eResearch for #eraust09

Wave as a Scholarly HTML editor

Lesson learned from the Australian IR experience, we should recognize that some institutions will need hosted software

Shared metadata, self-serve

ICE for theses (ThesICE) , where we are we up to?

Article of the future? Let's talk about scholarly communications.

Towards Scholarly HTML

A few discoveries

More progress on exploded PowerPoints in a desktop repository

I'm beginning to hate the word 'repository'

ADFI collaboration and documentation tools

Wanted: someone to actively sell open repository solutions in Australia

Living Holding Hands?

Very Early Career Researchers (Engineering)

eResearch happiness in Australia?

Desktop Repositories: Smashing up PowerPoint

Trip report: visit to Microsoft

eResearch at ADFI as summary and potential projects

Open Repositories 2009 trip report

Should I click the button?

Stop saying 'Protect our IP' in educational contexts?

Three big hairy audacious goals for an open USQ

Ontologize me! First demo

Journal 2.0: Embedding semantics in documents

Scholarly HTML: Simple, rational modern citations using links

Some ideas for rapid innovation projects: jiscri

Scholarly HTML

Trip report: Intersect and University of Sydney

More on Microsoft Collaboration and word processor interop

Linda Octalina

More on Microsoft Word and non-interoperable standards compliance

Opening up Microsoft

The Desktop Fascinator AKA #DTeRrev

Developer happiness and associated meetings

Desktop eResearch revolution

The path to developer happiness: Unit testing in Python & XSLT

The path to developer happiness: Beyond PDF

Still no sympathy for IBM Lotus Symphony is bad for the planet


Potential projects: #2 Integrating ICE with the Open Journal Systems

Potential projects: #1 A general purpose document annotation system

Old Slides

Scholarly Publishing using the Integrated Content Environment

More thoughts on thesis embargoes

Embargoes on bits of theses: skating on thin ICE?

The Fascinator @ !dea MMVIII

Towards (Australian) repository interoperability using OAI-PMH

Happy Open Access day

ARROW week

What the OAI-ORE protocol can do for you

eResearch for Word users?

ICE: eResearch for Word users

Is this thing working?

Embedding XML in word processing documents (if you really must)

More ideas about online and offline word processor integration - is anybody listening?

Put on The Fascinator

More thoughts on an application to find structure in word processing documents

A courseware authoring dashboard using Schematron

Compound documents in ICE and beyond; referencing parts of things

Study shows real-world ODF/OOXML interoperability is not great

Another look at the Article Authoring Add-in for Microsoft Office Word 2007

Improving VALET - part 2

Improving VALET - part 1

More on Buzzword

Some architectural changes to ICE

Tim McCallum shows off Sun of Fedora

A few words on magic

Lemon8 XML beta released

An ICE like ODF based web publishing system

Adventures in Geocoding part 2: Embedding data points in documents

More on negative click or net benefit repositories

Deflation in repository clicks

Why wasn't I using styles in diagrams?

Please comment on this abstract

More on ODF and OOXML

Claims about ODF support are typically meaningless

Some comments on OOXML, ODF and Microsoft Word

Adventures in geocoding part 1: The Toowoomba BUG Cycle Hazard Investigation Team does Ruthven Street

Some comments on the NLM XML plugin for Word 2007

Some thoughts on vendor lock-in, from the domestic to the institutional (is Apple Mac OS X evil?)

Go go gadget gauges

Google Docs as a blog editor?

Google claims to support ODF over OOXML but Google Docs has awful ODF support

ICEify this document!

Anyone know about research into what authoring tools academics use?

OpenDocument Format support not as great as the cheer squad keep saying

XHTML Challenge: Mozilla Seamonkey Composer is not suitable for writing academic papers

Cyclone Peter Murray-Rust moves away from Toowoomba. Cleanup continues.

This site is now Zotero friendly, courtesy of the unAPI plugin for WordPress

Mini websites of supporting material for scholarly articles

Mini websites of supporting material for scholarly articles


IBM Lotus Symphony word processor does not have broken HTML export like all the others!

Graphing with ICE

ICE Mashups, part one, take two

New job: Manager Software Research and Development, in the Learning Futures Innovation Institute

Hooking up authoring processes and tools to institutional repositories

ICE Mashups, part one

Lemon8-XML more information

Clever Collections

ICE considered harmful

This website has changed

This website is about to change

If you're in Melbourne come and learn about ICE on Tuesday November 27th

Crossing curation mountain

ICE as a blog editor

Breaking the ICE

Python templates considered mostly harmless

A couple of words

More on shared notebook projects

Buzzword bought by Adobe

Yet another untitled post

Open Notebook Science and Not-so-open Notebook Science

Another rant about how XML underneath your word processor is not enough

ICE is atomized!

Another defensive (yet not huffy) post about ICE

URIs as tags

Zotero bibliographic plugin released for Word and Writer

Why ICE works

iWork Pages - Keeping the words IN

Why not HTML for online journals? People need the right tools.

What I said in April about interoperability standards in educational ICT

USQ joins the Open Courseware movement

Identifiers should not contain semantics - except when they should

Sun ODF converter for MS Word - version 1 review

Challenge: Produce XHTML and print from Google Docs

My impressions of the Electronic Theses and Dissertations conference series

Challenge: Produce XHTML and print from a Writer document

Challenge: Produce XHTML and print from a Word document

CML demo

ETD 2007 - paper delivered

A quick test to see how an HTML editor behaves with lists, using FCKeditor

OpenDocument format is not THAT widely supported no matter what Wikipedia says on any given day

Bike lighting: two orders of magnitude

Batch tools for repository migration: the RUBRIC solution

First thoughts on Thoughtslinger: collaborative editing using the OpenDocument format spec, but not enough of it

Another good use for handles: identifying items in the ICE content management system throughout thier lifecycle

Zotero provides cross-platform bibliography solution for authors. Sort of.

Submitting a paper to a conference using ICE

Tom Worthington tries out ICE


A killer app for handles

Unit testing for VBA in 2 minutes

RDF appears on my short-range radar

A first try of Zotero's Word integration for citations and bibliographies

Why not use styles for blogging in Word 2007 and really leap the chasm

ODF plugin for Word is available

Balanced review of word processors? I don't think so.

Yet another untitled post

Document converter week

Which came first? The chooks (obviously)

Curation boundary: the line between collaboration and preservation

Posters at OR07

Matt Zumwalt showed some great work on XForms and Fedora at OR07

Rick Jelliffe looks at Open Office XML formats on Wikipedia

Putting web content into a Fedora repository via IMS packages

Adventures in self preservation: Converting legacy styles to ICE styles

How to wash yourself with less than 10 litres of water

Unfinished: Online authoring using ICE Styles

Unfinished: Editing MODS metadata using XForms

Tests on ICE

Google Docs and collaboration

Google Docs API

Use styles: Don't bury them

Adventures in self preservation: Use tables!

See you at Open Repositories 2007

Adventures in self preservation: Part 1 getting stuff off the Zip disc

Want a longer tongue? Try ICE!

ICE-RS: Day one

ICE-RS: Virtual blog at

Does a text citation make a good persistent identifier?

Administration overheads for repository maintainers: remapping old names

Workflow 2.0

A first look at the ODF Add-in for Word 2003

I told you the lists in Writer were wacky!

New Weblog plugin for Writer: Won't connect to

Another ICE-RS-like project

This site is broken

Publish Everywhere? Not from word processors...

Learning to live with NeoOffice: applying styles via the keyboard

Ultra cheap DIY bike trailer made from a moving trolley

ICE for lady novelists

A bout the RUBRIC project Trac wiki

Agility on ICE

Yet another untitled post

ICE-RS in the USQ news

Come and see us at IDEA 2006

Trek 520: 2000km update

Auswebify me

ICE, now with added Research and Scholarship

Comparing XML word processing formats

Fez Wiki is up

More news on Word to HTML export

Sun Microsystems, meet ICE

Yet another untitled post

Webmonkey knows nothing about HTML

Some sample lists using styles

Word 2007 bibliographies and XSLT

Yet another untitled post

Word lists without tears

The Affiliation Issue in Institutional Repository software

Better news about lists in Microsoft Word. Microsoft is listening.

Lists in Office 2007. Not pretty.

First post using Word 2007 Beta 2

Presenting Slidy ICE

Hey Gartner, how about telling people to use styles

ICE is getting more famous

Missed opportunities in opening up Microsoft Word

Blogging about repository software

Beyond blogging: style-driven HTML export from 2007. Please.

A word plugin for OpenDocument? Maybe.

Adventures in ePrintsland

Learning about 'The Learning Edge'

Virtual computing - I'm finally catching on

Welcome to two new RUBRIC bloggers

Use UTF-X unit testing if you're writing XSLT

Writely, meet the ICE template

Bibliographic Software: a biased summary

How the ICE Python came to be

ICE: Agile Publishing (with a long snout)

Project management is like pedalling a bike

ICE: Content Management with a long tongue

New bike: Trek 520

Don't invent your own word processing template

How not to lose or forget a Mac DVI to VGA adaptor

ICE: Interchange Comes Easily

ICE mailing lists created

Getting the Alt key working for on Mac OS X

Microsoft XML formats to be standardized, allegedly

The RUBRIC website is live

Work on word processing formats by Ian Barnes

Cutting off your word processor's tail

Yet more about XHTML export: sustainability

More about ICE and why XHTML is important

Why do I keep going on about HTML export from word processors? 2 released (but not for the Mac)

Word documents on the web: still happening and still a very, very bad idea

Hacks to get bibliographic support in Writer

Styles clarified

How to set up and bloglines accounts

OpenDocument or not you still need to Use Styles. RUBRIC bookmarks

Blog this button for (well half anyway)

Word XML clarified a bit

New job: RUBRIC Technical Manager

A new project for USQ: RUBRIC

Unit Testing for XSLT

More on Microsoft Word vs XML Schemas for Mac - the Alt key

Tags make content

Homework from Open Publish 2005

I'm back

Installing OpenOffice v2 (beta) for Mac OS X

Implementing IMS packages

Waiting for Chandler

Classy web templates - take two

Welcome Justine

Trac, RSS, Subversion, getting stuff done

Improve the 'story' about Word and XML

Tutorial: Enterprise content management using Word Processors

What I've been up to: ICE

What is StarOffice for?

Pt's empire expands with a new Word Processing site

New models in research and courseware publishing

Word needs templates! version 2 Beta for Mac OS X Miniconf

PowerPoint: Good Points

Site update

I love Gmail ads

XHTML from Word

Things that kill you don't make you stronger

Trac is the answer to all our problems

Why keep that $25 Linux machine?

Use Styles

The Agile MegaCustomer

Extreme meta agility as outboard memory

The Portal ate my LMS

Deep structure vs word processing

Hacking OpenOffice article on

Aggregation will be rough on Learning Management Systems

Templates atrophy in Microsoft Word

Pages? Not web pages.

The delicious intranet, for real

Agile Teaching (and Learning)

Subversion for content again

Subversion for content

My First Blog Entry

Word to XML and back in Python

What is Content Management?

ePublishing still important to eLearning

The Horizontal University

General purpose document formats, again

A continuum of collaboration

Learning Management Systems not great at content management

Getting things done

Three Chord Programming

Transcending the LMS

Internal Combustion Guitar

Draft paper on content management for courseware

WebCT Vista: First impressions

Mobile future. Clear as MUD

Menu for applying styles

At last, a template for

Adventures with Linux

New computer

Classy web templates using plain-old HTML

WP Interop; Progress on Word to XML

Update on lists

Delicious recipe markup

WP Interop Project: First documentation

The delicious intranet

Practical Word Processor Interoperability

XHTML as a word processing format

Links considered too difficult for online education software

The best thing about blogs

XML as hill 2

Learning Management Systems at Ausweb

Ausweb 04, the neutrality of educational software

Ausweb04 Poster

Phone Manor

(X)HTML as a universal document format

Test Driven Development; A Sort-of Rant.

Recipes and Instances

Don't just blog this

harmful, leering face of CSS is trying to arrange containers on a page.