I'm planning to upgrade this site in the next couple of days, moving away from WordPress to a static site generated using Pelican.

If you have a feed reader set up then there is a chance that it will stop working. As far as I know the feeds are at:

  1. -- An RSS feed, I'm going to redirect this to the one below. Your feed reader will probably cope. Feedly at least seems to be OK with redirects.
  2. -- This will be the only feed on the new site

If you care about keeping up with this thing (and I know some of you still do) then you might like to check back at the site and re-subscribe to the feed if it stops working. I'm planning another post tomorrow, so if you don't see an update, check back next week. Or let me know what weird Wordpress feed URL you're using apart from the above and I'll add a redirect.


  • All the cool kids are doing it, static sites that is, although not necessarily using Pelican.
  • We're changing the blog at work from WordPress to Pelican. We wanted:
    • To use a Python-based system cos Python is a standard language for researchers
    • To reduce our attack surface by getting rid of the script-kiddy's favourite CMS.
    • To get some experience using Markdown for writing, cos that's trending up in research-land, including looking at publications that pull in data in a reproducible kind of way

On this day in 2007

Ok, so it was a different day in 2007, but here's what I wrote last time I made a big change here.


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