I will be giving a tutorial at the Open Publish conference in Sydney, July 27, 2005.

If this looks good to you then sign up.

Enterprise content management using Word Processors

Presenter: Peter Sefton

This tutorial presents techniques for working with XML using word processing applications, particularly Microsoft Word and Writer, but with some reference to Adobe FrameMaker and other applications.

Following a general survey of formats and techniques the tutorial looks in detail at a common use-case where organizations want single-source documents to generate both print and web output. We show how to avoid the use of custom schemas and expensive customization, but still reap the benefits of XML: having your content in non-proprietary formats, being able to create, re-format, re-purpose and re-use content cheaply, into the future.

You will learn:

  • When to consider using a word processor in an XML project and why
  • The basics of the XML formats and capabilities offered by Word processors
  • Why word processors' built in HTML export is never adequate
  • How to set your expectations, including some lessons from the past that you do not want to repeat
  • How to use word processor features such as styles, master documents, autotext and tables in a way that will give you good quality XML output, and what to avoid
  • How to produce both PDF and HTML output from a single source document using and/or Word
  • How to obtain and adapt open-source templates and software
  • How to source technical assistance to implement a full system

Prerequisite: Some familiarity with word processing software is essential.

The tutorial will cover some technical topics to help implementers get started and to give managers an appreciation of the issues involved.


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