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Tip: Arrange dock icons by shape, colour to reduce seek-time


Like the guy in [this video](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVT16BPr2DU) I used to think it would be a good idea to arrange icons in the OS X dock by how often I used them, or maybe by type. But I found that whatever ordering I used I would have trouble finding things. I know that iTunes is a blue circle, but so is Skype, and Safari (I rarely use it but sometimes I want to test something) – so the task of finding the app I want meant scanning for blue circles and often zooming my attention to the wrong one – I hate to say it, but they all look the same to me those pictures.

So, I now arrange them by shape, then colour. To seek, zoom in to the right shape-group. It’s easy to see the differences because they’re side by side rather than spread out.

Circles and circle-like things:

Squarish things:

Love those Apple apps that are so easy to tell apart:

Oh, and might as well arrange things with letter-icons in alphabetical order.

Et volia!