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Very Early Career Researchers (Engineering)


In our mission to revolutionize scholarly communications we often talk about getting the early career researchers, well, early and teaching them new tricks. (Peter Murray-Rust adds that the late career researchers die, too).

At my house we have an early career researcher, who has been writing a sixth-grade report on a substantial kite project. The document has been written using the ICE [Update: fixed link] template*, of course, so it is ready to go straight onto her non-existent blog and into the household ePrints repository, in both HTML and PDF format. We're still working on the linked data, but there are photos.

I was away when the document was finalized but it is reported that when it was, she went looking for her little brother (Grade 4) for Peer, um, mummy what do you call that.

S: You mean peer review?

F: Yeah, review. I mean even though he's not my peer I'll see what he thinks.

I'm so proud.

* She tried to use the template for a set of cupcake labels, cos you can't just take cupcakes to the school sports day for a fundraiser anymore you have to detail the nutritional content. That didn't go so well, I hear.