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Ontologize me! First demo


While I was on leave after Easter, Duncan Dickinson had a go at implementing my idea for encoding RDF triples in a URL with a helper site. He elaborates on that short post here.

I was also working on a little site. I have not gone very far with this, but one thing I can do assert that I am the creator of this resource by linking a variant of my name to the ontologize.me site: Dr Peter M Sefton. All it does so far is what you see there, it can decode a URL-encoded RDF statement into English. In this case it will tell you that this page has a creator identified by a URI.

So far I have not:

  1. Made a wizard/bookmarklet to create these links/

  2. Worked out how to get the same page to serve machine-readable RDF.

Another step will be to get ICE (or maybe use jQuery) to encode the RDF as RDFa in the HTML that it produces and maybe even to embed the same semantics in PDF, as per Chris Rusbridge's idea.

Note that we need different URLs to talk about metadata for a whole resource, versus asserting that a term, such as Potter syndrome, is an instance of a disease in an ontology, hence the /meta/ in the URL I have used above.