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Still no sympathy for IBM Lotus Symphony


I think I might be onto a trend here.

Sun's HTML Project for OpenOffice.org is stalled, as reported here a few days ago so I thought I'd catch up with IBM Lotus Symphony and see how it's going. Last year I dashed off an excited blog post when I discovered that it had avoided all the problems its competition had with web export by leaving that feature out altogether.

I just installed the latest. A year on and web export has remained on the cutting room floor (apart from presentations).

Seems like Sun and IBM might be onto some new post-web wave of applications where all the action is in an offline cloud. If I'm right about this we'll see Microsoft quietly dropping the blogging features from Word along with Sharepoint web integration and all those other web dead ends. Google docs will turn into Windows app and they'll get rid of that browser based interface. Get in on the ground floor with this new Web minus 3.0, offline-cloud computing meme and buy yourself some IBM and Sun shares.