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This site is now Zotero friendly, courtesy of the unAPI plugin for WordPress


If you're using the Zotero research tool (and if you read this blog you probably should) you should now see the little icons to add posts to Zotero up in your Firefox address bar. Save metadata for your favourite posts! Cite me!

This will only work for the WordPress part of the site, post November 2007.

Reading the list of ingredients it seems like I am now metadata central:

The server provides records for each WordPress post and page in the following formats: OAI-Dublin Core (oai_dc), Metadata Object Description Schema (MODS), SRW-Dublin Core (srw_dc), MARCXML, andRSS. The specification makes use of LINK tag auto-discovery and an unendorsed microformat for machine-readable metadata records.


This is courtesy of the unAPI plugin, found via the Zotero site.

Off the top of my head I can think of a few other WordPress sites I'd like to have this so I can use them in my research.

The download page has clear instructions about how to install the plugin.