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Posters at OR07


Yesterday evening the poster sessions were held at OR07.

There was this 'Minute Madness' thing where speakers had one minute to promote their posters.  I got to spruik my poster on ICE-RS, which you can see on the ICE website, with the usual PDF, OpenDocument and presentation formats. Apparently my minute of fame was a bit scary, mainly because my slide had a leering picture of me on it, but it may also have had something to do with the way I frothed at the mouth about PDF documents and Microsoft Powerpoint presentations being the standard for an open repositories conference. I might have taken the madness bit too literally.

And I got to be Nigel Ward for 40 seconds, talking about the poster for FRED.

Caroline Ayers presented two posters, on data migration and server virtualization and received job offers, invitations to speak at conferences and marriage proposals. We'll have to get web-readable versions of those up ASAP. And no, she didn't get marriage proposals.

Best poster went to Format Conversion in DSpace using OpenOffice.org, by  Tim Donohue.  I'm pleased that document conversion is on the agenda. I found this example of the system in action; this allows you to put word documents in DSpace and make PDFs automatically, apparently. More on this later.