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ICE-RS: Day one


Today is the first day of work on the  ICE-RS (The Integrated Content Environment for Research and Scholarship) project, in a quiet sort of a way.

Daniel de Byl starts today as the ICE-RS Project Officer. Ron Ward also starts. He's in the  Analyst/Programmer position only he's on leave this week.

Daniel will spend this week getting some of the basics sorted out; getting ICE 1.0 released., updating the website content and architecture, sorting out a way to provide updates via RSS and figuring out how we'll run the fortnightly engineering cycles. The first round of ICE-RS development will start on 2006-11-14.

We'll run ICE-RS off the publicly accessible http://ice.usq.edu.au and use that virtual server to host content for the ICE-RS pilots. By default this will be over HTTP – which is much faster than the more secure HTTPS. We'll also switch over to using a publicly accessible Trac server so everyone can see what we're up to. At this stage I think that access to add to the wiki will be by invitation or application only; and only the core ICE-RS team will have commit privileges for code.