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This site is broken


My long suffering partner pointed out this morning that this site was not looking that great on Internet Explorer  on the Windows box at home, at least. She must have been making her annual visit. The text of a page would show below the pink-and-yella  'inverted L'.  I said I kind of knew, and I guessed it wasn't very good that I had not fixed it yet. She agreed:

“It's kind of not very good when you talk about the things you talk about in the tone that you talk about them in”

(Sandra Craig, personal communication)

I worked out that it was probably the Google ads causing the problem. But fixing it properly involves dealing with that terribly hard CSS stuff. I don't want to go through all that again – as described in one of my first posts on this site.

So I just made the ads smaller and that seemed to fix it. Now I'll make even less money that I do now.