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Auswebify me


The Ausweb [HREF1] conference is all about the World Wide Web. The papers are made available, not in PDF, but in HTML. Attendees get a print version of the proceedings. (You can read my paper [HREF2] on ICE [HREF3]).

There is an interesting convention for referencing in Ausweb [HREF1] papers, which as far as I know has no name, and is only explained to authors by example. The idea is that hypertext references are footnoted (but still linked) so that they make sense in the paper version. You can see it in action here in this very post. For example I have links on the word Ausweb [HREF1] in my original document in OpenOffice.org writer, but you see only footnote references.

I looked around the web for a script to do this to an HTML document – but there doesn't seem to be one so I made one and plugged it into my ICE site. This is the result. I can 'Auswebify' any ICE [HREF3] document at the click of a button. This is not too much use yet 'cos I'm the only one who has it, but if anyone out there is interested email me [HREF4].

Things to do:

Hypertext References

HREF1 : http://ausweb.scu.edu.au/

HREF2 : http://ausweb.scu.edu.au/aw06/papers/refereed/sefton/index.html

HREF3 : http://ice.usq.edu.au/

HREF4 : mailto:pt@ptsefton.com