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What I've been up to: ICE


Since I joined USQ, on contract, I have worked on a few things, but there's one main project that we have been developing. Now that there's a page on the USQ web site it seems more real. It's the Integrated Content Environment - ICE.

The ICE project builds on past work in both computer applications and business processes to provide a unified system by which authors, editors and instructional designers from across the University can collaborate on the creation of learning materials, original research, and administrative material, including messaging and discussion.

The ICE project has two main components. Firstly, there is a content authoring system designed to supplement the GOOD system with an easy-to-use word-processor based application. Secondly, there is a web-based application designed to tie together all of the other systems and resources that USQ staff need to engage in courseware authoring and to manage materials and interaction.