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OpenOffice.org version 2 Beta for Mac OS X


OpenOffice.org has a new front page, "To make things easier to find and to make the project a friendlier place."

One thing is friendlier. It used to trick Mac users looking for beta versions of OOo 2. It would pretend it was going to let you have one, then take you to a download page with version 1.1.2 only. Now at least they don't pretend to have a Mac version of the Beta, although if you try to download 1.1.4 you still only get 1.1.2 which is not so friendly.

There's still no explanation of what's going on with a Mac version or 2.0 beyond a vague "available mid 2005", but if you want to try builds for Mac OS X you can get them from ftp.linux.cz. The latest is here. You should be able to explore to find later ones as they appear.

Download, unpack and you are presented with a number of packages - you can select all and open them, then just click your way through to install all the packages.

I assume these builds are even more beta-ish than the Windows and Linux ones, or they'd be available on the official site, so this is really only for testing.

Thanks to Colin Charles for the tip about how to find Mac OS X builds.