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Hacking OpenOffice article on XML.com


I have another article up on xml.com, this time about OpenOffice.org hacks for template maintainers. It's a how-to for XML-savvy types who want to administer templates via the back-door instead of the GUI. I see this as an essential step in my quest for a proper set of templates and tools for 'doing' XML (mainly XHTML) in word processors. While Microsoft Word also has XML export, I'd rather concentrate on OO.o first because it's open, free and runs on more platforms.

I'd like to thank Rick Jelliffe. Rick helped me by offering advice on how to get published in the first place and how to improve on my first article on Word to XML, suggesting sidebars to point out tips and tricks (which there are a lot of in the word processor world, where software tends to be fairly opaque).

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