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Pages? Not web pages.


Word processing applications for the web are a bit of a theme here. So this announcement from Apple on the new 'Pages' application announced at Macworld was of interest. Not to mention I might be getting a PowerBook soon.

Not impressed so far.

Introducing 'Pages', which has name that suggests it might be built for the web. But no:

The easiest way to look good on paper, Pages lets you create documents that look like you had a design team working round the clock. But, no, it's just you, taking advantage of a new word processor with great style, an easy-to-use powerhouse that gives you all the tools you need to create superb-looking documents.

Did you get that? "The easiest way to look good on paper". Search the iWork page for 'web'. Nup.

Not a single mention of writing for or creating presentations for the web. There are no instances of the string 'web' or 'html' on that page.

At least it does mention styles, and does make a big deal about templates.

But I am disappointed that Apple are not talking about how to make gorgeous paper documents and gorgeous web documents from the same source; that would be impressive.

I was hoping for the mythical word processor for the web that Tim Bray talked about last year.

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