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The delicious intranet, for real


I speculated a while ago about delicious-style tagging for an intranet, using lightweight tagging to replace the somewhat heavier metadata system in the company Intranet where I was working. I'm not quite up to building that yet, but today a related topic: using del.icio.us and aggregators to share bookmarks, with annotations, between team members.

At work we have a small team working on a few streams of development and maintenance. Today we set up a del.icio.us based system. Individuals will create a del.icio.us account, and when they're researching a work-related topic they can keep a record in del.icio.us.

The 'official' tags we'll be using are:

Using del.icio.us means (a) it could disappear at any time so we'd better have a backup strategy (b) it's public. This means that if any of our friends want to send us a link they need only use one of the above tags in del.icio.us and we'll see it, because we'll all be watching those tags, much simpler than sending an email, and more persistent. (If people start using this to sell us pharmaceuticals or to help get money out of Africa, we can always circle the wagons and subscribe only to trusted feeds.)

So far we have two participants. If it works for the nuclear team, then we'll talk to a wider group.

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