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Subversion for content again


Last week I wrote about using the Subversion version control system for web content management on sites like this. I speculated about whether the Leonardo system which powers this site would be able to work in the way I would like to work. This is a quick update.

James Tauber, father of Leonardo, replied on the Leonardo mailing list that Leonardo 0.4 is designed to support the kinds of things I'm after. The storage system is pluggable, so it could be replaced with a Subversion driven one, rather than using directories on the file system to handle each resource. Other things on my wish list are of interest to James, and possibly others, so it looks like Leonardo will be a good bet going forward.

One contribution I expect to make is XHTML converters for Word and OpenOffice.org, based on the templates I am (slowly) making for the word processor interoperability project and using my technique for turning Word's HTML output into XML.

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