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The Horizontal University


Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor Jim Taylor of USQ has been out and about, talking about the future of Universities. I quote from the USQ news (PDF only I'm afraid).

UNIVERSITIES need to develop comprehensive, end-to-end communications systems and knowledge management systems, so that they might be better able to respond to the growing demand for lifelong learning, and to satisfy the increasingly diverse needs of students.


In his keynote speech The Horizontal University: e-Learning as a catalyst for Organisational Transformation, Professor Taylor argued that organisations that could provide customised, high-quality, value-added services that satisfied customer needs with speed and accuracy at the appropriate price point would be the only organisations to survive in the 21st Century.

Jim's talking about flattening-out hierarchies and introducing knowledge management culture, which makes me glad I'm here.

But the big question is: Do I have a chance at the coveted chair of folkdancing at the new horizontal USQ?