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Internal Combustion Guitar


I have been chatting with a robot.

Why? To find out about whether bots might be useful in a learning system, for support, mainly. More on that later. But using the Standard AIML (Aritifical Intelligence Markup Language) set with this python script. You can have the following exchange.

Me: Define guitar

It: A guitar is a lovely sounding 6 or 12 stringed musical instrument that is strummed and or plucked.

Me: What is an electric guitar?

It: I do not know what electric guitar is. What about internal combustion guitar?

Indeed, what about internal combustion guitar? It's now or, according to some pessimists, never.

The global oil peak, and the permanent energy crisis it implies, will also usher in an era of tremendous turbulence.

But wouldn't you love to strap on a V8 Strat?

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