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Phone Manor


Russell Beattie, whose stuff about clever telephones I read compulsively, despite the fact than my mobile is nearly as old as my school-age child, and I have never learned to regret that it does not speak Java, is very proud of himself for purchasing the domain mguru.com. Cool. I have another suggestion.

It struck me tonight that somebody who cares about this stuff should be talking from "phone manor" dot com in tribute to that ratbag Jerry Pournelle , of Chaos Manor, whose charmingly architected web site claims to be the original blog, and has some nice old fashioned text saying "Refresh/Reload Early and Often!" instead of those stupid little orange XML things, or one of those gauche Atom feeds like we have here. And he has a retro-chic look that makes my Nokia 51-something look modern, even with the red snap-on cover. PhoneManor.com is available; let me know if you buy it.