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I'm working on a paper about how we [use styles]( in the [ICE]( system to structure and format documents for print and the web. To help define the problem and show why an ICE-like approach is needed I decided to see how far I got trying to format a paper for print and the web using out-of-the-box word processing tools. I covered this a little before when I [got cranky]( about the HTML export in, but I haven't eviscerated Microsoft Word's HTML export here in detail. So, here's the challenge. Can I take my recent paper, [An integrated approach to preparing, publishing, presenting and preserving theses]( for the ETD conference. I [wrote recently]( about how I prepared this paper using ICE, meaning that of course I can produce both print and web versions, but how would I go using Word 2003 on Windows XP? Could I produce XHTML? This is, after all the year 2007 and the World Wide Web is in its late teens. (I didn't use Word 2007 because I don't have a copy, but I'll find one and try that too) The biggest challenge, I knew, would be getting stuff that looks OK on screen to export to the correct HTML elements. So here's the procedure: (I know this looks boring, but if you know a `