Peter Sefton

Via Peter Suber's [Open Access News]( comes this good news: > Grant Supports a Model for Graduate Students' Academic Pursuits > > The University of Rochester's River Campus Libraries will receive more > than \$320,000 to improve Web-based tools for graduate students to > support the writing of the doctoral dissertation, academic > collaboration, and the accessibility of scholarly work. > <> One of the project leaders is Susan Gibbons. I met Susan at [The Successful Repository](, an APSR event earlier this year. She spoke about  ethnographic work done on the behaviour of researchers, seeing what they did and what that meant for the repository at Rochester. I quoted Susan on challenges faced by academics  in [my presentation](  at the RUBRIC reports day last week: > <> > > - Research, writing and “publishing” cannot be pulled apart > > - Lots of time wasted with authoring issues > > - Backups > > - Versioning > > - Multiple access points > > - Mistake repositories for authoring system > The aims of the Rochester project have some overlap with the Integrated Content Environment for Research and Scholarship (ICE-RS) which is about to kick-off at USQ and the [Digital Scholar's Workbench]( that Ian Barnes has been making at ANU.   This, for example is exactly what we'll be doing with ICE-RS, so obviously we should be talking. > Allow a librarian, graduate student, and faculty advisor to > collaborate on the development of a dissertation; > > Provide graduate students with secure digital storage of their > dissertation work in progress along with data, images, video, and > other file types; > > Capture metadata about the dissertation during the writing process, > which can serve as a model for ongoing capture of metadata about > local, born-digital scholarship; > > And, finally, disseminate the completed dissertation through the > Internet, supporting the scholarship of graduate students, faculty > members, and other researchers. > > <> We have just added [a page]( to the ICE website about ICE-RS, which is derived from the bid document that secured the funding.  (You can view the page as an HTML page, a slide presentation, a PDF or download the original OpenDocument format source document – see the icons top-right on the page.) ICE-RS is supported by the Systemic Infrastructure Initiative as part of the Commonwealth Government's Backing Australia's Ability - An Innovative Action Plan for the Future (