A while ago I [wrote about]( the public collaborative bookmarking / tagging system []( to manage links for a team. We're still using it in the Software Development Services team where I sit, it's at least a good way to keep up with the kinds of things others are finding useful. As we start out on the RUBRIC project at USQ, Deidre Lowe (Project Manager) and I (RUBRIC Techical Manager) have started using to track bookmarks, keep each other informed about what we're looking at, and start to build a library of resources. We chose the tag `destrubric` for RUBRIC project on account of our [DEST]( funding. We'll use a similar scheme for tagging related DEST funded projects, eg [destarrow]( To look at everyone's bookmarks for destrubric go to <>. To see just mine, you would look at <>. To look for conferences we're interested in attending or at least investigating:[](<>. And don't forget that all pages have RSS feeds. RSS is a notification system that will alert you of new stuff. If you don't know about RSS a good place to start is []( sign up for a free account and you can use it to track RSS and Atom feeds, meaning you can keep track of many many websites without visiting them.       ****