blog-2007-11-23 -:- This website is about to change

blog-2007-11-22 -:- If you're in Melbourne come and learn about ICE on Tuesday November 27th

blog-2007-11-12 -:- Crossing curation mountain

blog-2007-11-09 -:- ICE as a blog editor

blog-2007-11-08 -:- Breaking the ICE

blog-2007-11-06 -:- Python templates considered mostly harmless

blog-2007-10-05 -:- More on shared notebook projects

blog-2007-10-05 -:- A couple of words

blog-2007-10-03 -:- Buzzword bought by Adobe

blog-2007-09-27 -:- None

blog-2007-09-21 -:- Open Notebook Science and Not-so-open Notebook Science

blog-2007-09-07 -:- Another rant about how XML underneath your word processor is not enough

blog-2007-09-03 -:- ICE is atomized!

blog-2007-08-24 -:- Another defensive (yet not huffy) post about ICE

blog-2007-08-22 -:- URIs as tags

blog-2007-08-17 -:- Zotero bibliographic plugin released for Word and Writer

blog-2007-08-10 -:- Why ICE works

blog-2007-08-09 -:- Why not HTML for online journals? People need the right tools.

blog-2007-08-09 -:- iWork Pages - Keeping the words IN

blog-2007-08-03 -:- What I said in April about interoperability standards in educational ICT

blog-2007-07-30 -:- USQ joins the Open Courseware movement

blog-2007-07-13 -:- Identifiers should not contain semantics - except when they should

blog-2007-07-05 -:- Challenge: Produce XHTML and print from Google Docs

blog-2007-07-05 -:- Sun ODF converter for MS Word - version 1 review

blog-2007-07-04 -:- My impressions of the Electronic Theses and Dissertations conference series

blog-2007-07-03 -:- Challenge: Produce XHTML and print from a Writer document

blog-2007-07-02 -:- Challenge: Produce XHTML and print from a Word document

blog-2007-06-22 -:- CML demo

blog-2007-06-15 -:- ETD 2007 - paper delivered

blog-2007-06-06 -:- A quick test to see how an HTML editor behaves with lists, using FCKeditor

blog-2007-06-05 -:- OpenDocument format is not THAT widely supported no matter what Wikipedia says on any given day

blog-2007-06-04 -:- Batch tools for repository migration: the RUBRIC solution

blog-2007-06-04 -:- Bike lighting: two orders of magnitude

blog-2007-05-22 -:- First thoughts on Thoughtslinger: collaborative editing using the OpenDocument format spec, but not enough of it

blog-2007-05-16 -:- Zotero provides cross-platform bibliography solution for authors. Sort of.

blog-2007-05-16 -:- Another good use for handles: identifying items in the ICE content management system throughout thier lifecycle

blog-2007-05-15 -:- Submitting a paper to a conference using ICE

blog-2007-04-27 -:- Squice?

blog-2007-04-27 -:- Tom Worthington tries out ICE

blog-2007-03-16 -:- A killer app for handles

blog-2007-03-13 -:- Unit testing for VBA in 2 minutes

blog-2007-03-05 -:- A first try of Zotero's Word integration for citations and bibliographies

blog-2007-03-05 -:- RDF appears on my short-range radar

blog-2007-02-27 -:- Why not use styles for blogging in Word 2007 and really leap the chasm

blog-2007-02-21 -:- ODF plugin for Word is available

blog-2007-02-19 -:- Balanced review of word processors? I don't think so.

blog-2007-02-16 -:- None

blog-2007-02-09 -:- Document converter week

blog-2007-02-08 -:- Which came first? The chooks (obviously)

blog-2007-02-07 -:- Curation boundary: the line between collaboration and preservation

blog-2007-01-26 -:- Posters at OR07

blog-2007-01-25 -:- Matt Zumwalt showed some great work on XForms and Fedora at OR07

blog-2007-01-23 -:- Rick Jelliffe looks at Open Office XML formats on Wikipedia

blog-2007-01-22 -:- Putting web content into a Fedora repository via IMS packages

blog-2007-01-11 -:- Adventures in self preservation: Converting legacy styles to ICE styles

blog-2007-01-10 -:- Unfinished: Editing MODS metadata using XForms

blog-2007-01-10 -:- Unfinished: Online authoring using ICE Styles

blog-2007-01-10 -:- How to wash yourself with less than 10 litres of water

blog-2006-12-12 -:- Tests on ICE

blog-2006-12-06 -:- Google Docs API

blog-2006-12-06 -:- Google Docs and collaboration

blog-2006-12-01 -:- Use styles: Don't bury them

blog-2006-11-21 -:- Adventures in self preservation: Use tables!

blog-2006-11-09 -:- See you at Open Repositories 2007

blog-2006-11-08 -:- Adventures in self preservation: Part 1 getting stuff off the Zip disc

blog-2006-11-07 -:- Want a longer tongue? Try ICE!

blog-2006-11-06 -:- ICE-RS: Virtual blog at

blog-2006-11-06 -:- ICE-RS: Day one

blog-2006-11-01 -:- Administration overheads for repository maintainers: remapping old names

blog-2006-11-01 -:- Does a text citation make a good persistent identifier?

blog-2006-10-24 -:- Workflow 2.0

blog-2006-10-23 -:- A first look at the ODF Add-in for Word 2003

blog-2006-10-20 -:- New Weblog plugin for Writer: Won't connect to

blog-2006-10-20 -:- I told you the lists in Writer were wacky!

blog-2006-10-19 -:- Another ICE-RS-like project

blog-2006-10-18 -:- This site is broken

blog-2006-10-06 -:-

blog-2006-09-23 -:- Publish Everywhere? Not from word processors...

blog-2006-09-22 -:- Learning to live with NeoOffice: applying styles via the keyboard

blog-2006-09-19 -:- Ultra cheap DIY bike trailer made from a moving trolley

blog-2006-09-07 -:- ICE for lady novelists

blog-2006-09-05 -:- A bout the RUBRIC project Trac wiki

blog-2006-09-01 -:- Agility on ICE

blog-2006-08-22 -:- None

blog-2006-08-21 -:- ICE-RS in the USQ news

blog-2006-08-11 -:- Come and see us at IDEA 2006

blog-2006-08-10 -:- Trek 520: 2000km update

blog-2006-08-02 -:- ICE, now with added Research and Scholarship

blog-2006-08-02 -:- Auswebify me

blog-2006-07-26 -:- Comparing XML word processing formats

blog-2006-07-14 -:- More news on Word to HTML export

blog-2006-07-14 -:- Fez Wiki is up

blog-2006-07-13 -:- Sun Microsystems, meet ICE

blog-2006-07-07 -:- None

blog-2006-06-22 -:- Webmonkey knows nothing about HTML

blog-2006-06-13 -:- Word 2007 bibliographies and XSLT

blog-2006-06-13 -:- Some sample lists using styles

blog-2006-06-09 -:- None

blog-2006-06-07 -:- Word lists without tears

blog-2006-06-06 -:- The Affiliation Issue in Institutional Repository software

blog-2006-06-04 -:- Better news about lists in Microsoft Word. Microsoft is listening.

blog-2006-05-29 -:- Lists in Office 2007. Not pretty.

blog-2006-05-24 -:- First post using Word 2007 Beta 2

blog-2006-05-23 -:- Presenting Slidy ICE

blog-2006-05-16 -:- ICE is getting more famous

blog-2006-05-16 -:- Hey Gartner, how about telling people to use styles

blog-2006-05-15 -:- Missed opportunities in opening up Microsoft Word

blog-2006-05-14 -:- Blogging about repository software

blog-2006-05-13 -:- Beyond blogging: style-driven HTML export from 2007. Please.

blog-2006-05-11 -:- A word plugin for OpenDocument? Maybe.

blog-2006-05-03 -:- Learning about 'The Learning Edge'

blog-2006-05-03 -:- Adventures in ePrintsland

blog-2006-04-25 -:- Welcome to two new RUBRIC bloggers

blog-2006-04-25 -:- Virtual computing - I'm finally catching on

blog-2006-04-04 -:- Use UTF-X unit testing if you're writing XSLT

blog-2006-03-21 -:- Writely, meet the ICE template

blog-2006-03-13 -:- Bibliographic Software: a biased summary

blog-2006-03-09 -:- Project management is like pedalling a bike

blog-2006-03-09 -:- ICE: Agile Publishing (with a long snout)

blog-2006-03-09 -:- How the ICE Python came to be

blog-2006-02-13 -:- ICE: Content Management with a long tongue

blog-2006-02-07 -:- New bike: Trek 520

blog-2006-01-12 -:- Don't invent your own word processing template

blog-2005-12-12 -:- ICE mailing lists created

blog-2005-12-12 -:- ICE: Interchange Comes Easily

blog-2005-12-12 -:- How not to lose or forget a Mac DVI to VGA adaptor

blog-2005-12-08 -:- Getting the Alt key working for on Mac OS X

blog-2005-11-22 -:- Microsoft XML formats to be standardized, allegedly

blog-2005-11-17 -:- Work on word processing formats by Ian Barnes

blog-2005-11-17 -:- The RUBRIC website is live

blog-2005-11-10 -:- Cutting off your word processor's tail

blog-2005-11-06 -:- Yet more about XHTML export: sustainability

blog-2005-11-02 -:- More about ICE and why XHTML is important

blog-2005-10-31 -:- Why do I keep going on about HTML export from word processors?

blog-2005-10-20 -:- 2 released (but not for the Mac)

blog-2005-10-03 -:- Word documents on the web: still happening and still a very, very bad idea

blog-2005-09-20 -:- Hacks to get bibliographic support in Writer

blog-2005-09-18 -:- Styles clarified

blog-2005-09-13 -:- OpenDocument or not you still need to Use Styles.

blog-2005-09-13 -:- How to set up and bloglines accounts

blog-2005-09-07 -:- RUBRIC bookmarks

blog-2005-09-05 -:- Blog this button for (well half anyway)

blog-2005-08-25 -:- Word XML clarified a bit

blog-2005-08-24 -:- New job: RUBRIC Technical Manager

blog-2005-08-23 -:- A new project for USQ: RUBRIC

blog-2005-08-16 -:- Unit Testing for XSLT

blog-2005-08-13 -:- More on Microsoft Word vs XML Schemas

blog-2005-08-07 -:- for Mac - the Alt key

blog-2005-08-06 -:- Tags make content

blog-2005-07-28 -:- Homework from Open Publish 2005

blog-2005-07-26 -:- I'm back

blog-2005-06-24 -:- Installing OpenOffice v2 (beta) for Mac OS X

blog-2005-06-19 -:- Implementing IMS packages

blog-2005-06-06 -:- Waiting for Chandler

blog-2005-05-29 -:- Classy web templates - take two

blog-2005-05-26 -:- Welcome Justine

blog-2005-05-24 -:- Trac, RSS, Subversion, getting stuff done

blog-2005-05-20 -:- Improve the 'story' about Word and XML

blog-2005-05-19 -:- Tutorial: Enterprise content management using Word Processors

blog-2005-05-18 -:- What is StarOffice for?

blog-2005-05-18 -:- What I've been up to: ICE

blog-2005-05-09 -:- Pt's empire expands with a new Word Processing site

blog-2005-05-05 -:- Word needs templates!

blog-2005-05-05 -:- New models in research and courseware publishing

blog-2005-04-26 -:- version 2 Beta for Mac OS X

blog-2005-04-19 -:- Miniconf

blog-2005-04-17 -:- PowerPoint: Good Points

blog-2005-04-03 -:- Site update

blog-2005-03-15 -:- XHTML from Word

blog-2005-03-15 -:- I love Gmail ads

blog-2005-03-10 -:- Things that kill you don't make you stronger

blog-2005-03-07 -:- Why keep that $25 Linux machine?

blog-2005-03-07 -:- Trac is the answer to all our problems

blog-2005-03-02 -:- Use Styles

blog-2005-02-25 -:- The Agile MegaCustomer

blog-2005-02-15 -:- Extreme meta agility

blog-2005-02-08 -:- as outboard memory

blog-2005-02-05 -:- The Portal ate my LMS

blog-2005-01-29 -:- Deep structure vs word processing

blog-2005-01-27 -:- Hacking OpenOffice article on

blog-2005-01-20 -:- Templates atrophy in Microsoft Word

blog-2005-01-20 -:- Aggregation will be rough on Learning Management Systems

blog-2005-01-12 -:- Pages? Not web pages.

blog-2005-01-07 -:- The delicious intranet, for real

blog-2004-12-23 -:- Agile Teaching (and Learning)

blog-2004-12-21 -:- Subversion for content again

blog-2004-12-17 -:- Subversion for content

blog-2004-12-16 -:- My First Blog Entry

blog-2004-12-09 -:- Word to XML and back in Python

blog-2004-12-08 -:- What is Content Management?

blog-2004-12-03 -:- ePublishing still important to eLearning

blog-2004-12-01 -:- General purpose document formats, again

blog-2004-12-01 -:- The Horizontal University

blog-2004-11-24 -:- A continuum of collaboration

blog-2004-11-23 -:- Learning Management Systems not great at content management

blog-2004-11-22 -:- Three Chord Programming

blog-2004-11-22 -:- Getting things done

blog-2004-11-18 -:- Transcending the LMS

blog-2004-11-17 -:- Internal Combustion Guitar

blog-2004-11-16 -:- Draft paper on content management for courseware

blog-2004-11-09 -:- WebCT Vista: First impressions

blog-2004-11-08 -:- Mobile future. Clear as MUD

blog-2004-10-28 -:- Menu for applying styles

blog-2004-10-25 -:- At last, a template for

blog-2004-10-22 -:- Adventures with Linux

blog-2004-10-10 -:- New computer

blog-2004-09-22 -:- Classy web templates using plain-old HTML

blog-2004-09-20 -:- WP Interop; Progress on Word to XML

blog-2004-09-07 -:- Update on lists

blog-2004-08-30 -:- Delicious recipe markup

blog-2004-08-23 -:- The delicious intranet

blog-2004-08-23 -:- WP Interop Project: First documentation

blog-2004-08-16 -:- Practical Word Processor Interoperability

blog-2004-08-09 -:- XHTML as a word processing format

blog-2004-08-06 -:- Links considered too difficult for online education software

blog-2004-08-02 -:- The best thing about blogs

blog-2004-07-29 -:- XML as hill 2

blog-2004-07-20 -:- Learning Management Systems at Ausweb

blog-2004-07-08 -:- Ausweb 04, the neutrality of educational software

blog-2004-06-23 -:- Phone Manor

blog-2004-06-23 -:- Ausweb04 Poster

blog-2004-06-18 -:- (X)HTML as a universal document format

blog-2004-06-14 -:- Test Driven Development; A Sort-of Rant.

blog-2004-06-10 -:- Recipes and Instances

blog-2004-06-04 -:- Don't just blog this

blog-2004-06-02 -:- Recipe Markup Theory and a Practice

blog-2004-05-24 -:- Content Objects

blog-2004-05-19 -:- None

blog-2004-05-17 -:- XSLT Unit testing

blog-2004-05-17 -:- None

blog-2004-05-11 -:- None

blog-2004-05-03 -:- XML-as-hill

blog-2004-04-28 -:- None