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I’m just blogging this poster from OR08 to show that it can be done.

About this hyperposter

This poster is a hyperdocument designed to show some potential applications for eResearch publications.

This document has embedded semantics.

For example, it was written in:

Embedded geographical data (via geohash) can be used to generate a map like the one here. On the web, this is an interactive, automatic process.

The mythical datument

The term Datument was coined in 2004 by Peter Murray-Rust and Henry Rzepa:

A datument is a hyperdocument for transmitting “complete” information including content and behaviour. … where the machine is supplied with tools which are semantically aware of the document content. Examples of the latter are domain-specific XML components such as maps (GML), graphics (SVG) and molecules (Chemical Markup Language, CML)

Murray-Rust, P. & Rzepa, H.S., 2004. The Next Big Thing: From Hypermedia to Datuments. Journal of Digital Information, 5(1), p.248. Available at:

But they are far from common. This poster / blog post / presentation / map-mashup might be the closest you have ever been to one.

It’s only 2008 be patient!


Produce PDF, HTML and more from word processors

  1. Microsoft Word (Windows & Mac)

  2. Writer & derivatives (Windows, Mac and Linux)

  3. Applies styles behind the scenes to capture structure

  4. Command line or web service for integration

  5. Open source built on Python +

  6. Works with Zotero

  7. Built in version control via Subversion

  8. Integrated with ePrints and other repositories (coming soon via the ICE-TheOREM project)

ICE: a hub for collaborative authoring


Ask me how

(Metadata is embedded in the hyperposter using styles)

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